Answers to all of your burning questions


Answers to all of your burning questions


Yes, Yes, KS&CO® only uses clean ingredients. All brow products are vegan and cruelty-free.

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You’ll want to match the brow hair tone as best you can.

Light Brown:  If you are either a cool or warm blonde or have ginger/ red tones you will love the Light Brown shade.

Medium Brown: If you have finer, more soft brown brow hair or are wanting a softer brown to fill in, then Medium Brown is best for you.  This open has a subtle warmth to it but is generally a neutral soft brown. This shade is also great for someone who usually tints their brow but is in between sessions.

Dark Brown: This is the most used shade of the pens.  If you have thicker brow hair texture and the hair is pretty dark this is your girl! Its also great for someone who has a tinted brow and just prefers a cooler, ash brown tone that blends seamlessly. This is the one I use most often.



Medium Brown: Suits most everyone.

Dark Brown: If your hair is almost black and/ or skin tone is deeper, then works great.

We recommend having both light and dark options depending on your look, mood, and whether your brows are tinted or not.

Start with The Microfeathering Pen and finish with any Brow Gel or combination of Brow Gels. (tinted as a base + Clear Gel for stronger hold)

The best way to use all 3 is to start with the Microfeathering Pen on clean, dry skin. Once you’ve added all the strokes and blended with a dry spoolie, add the Sheer Tinted Brow Gel. This gel is buildable so you can add another layer after you’ve allowed it to dry for 15 seconds. Finish with the Clear Strong Hold Brow Gel to lock in uncompromising style and shape.

If you're comfortable sharing either tag us on Instagram @KSANDCO. Or if you'd like send us a photo or video of how you style your brow, which products and shades you use, and why you love them. info@theksandco.com

Unlike most brow pens, The MIcrofeathering Brow Pen is designed to be sheer to blend naturally into the surrounding brow hairs. It's sometimes difficult to see the hair- like strokes being created as they are being added because it is so sheer and natural looking.

Prior to use, please wipe brows clean and dry of any make up. After you've added a few strokes, step away form the mirror to see the subtle difference, then add more.


Microfeathering is Kristie Streicher’s signature form of Microblading. To ensure the most natural result, Microfeathering is done in two sessions, 6 to 8 weeks apart.  After the first  session, we evaluate the healed strokes and additional hair strokes may be added and previous strokes may be reinforced. Each appointment takes 1.5 to 2 hours.  Microfeathering utilizes precise "hair-like" incisions that deposit dye in the top layer of the brow skin (also known as the epidermis). The process is achieved without the use of machines or traditional tattoo guns.  After numbing the area with a topical cream, small incisions are created by hand, using a fine and very precise blade.  Pigment is then deposited into the incisions, resulting in an incredibly natural appearing "eyebrow hair."


The dye-created hair stokes fade gradually over the course of a year, leaving no residual pigment behind in the skin. The effects of Microfeathering can last up to one year, however I recommend having touch-ups every 7-9 months to keep the look consistent.  Microfeathering is typically used on areas of the brow that are surrounded with natural hair. Gaps and sparsely covered areas can be filled in, resulting in the most natural look possible.


There is no formal downtime after Microfeathering. Your newly Microfeathered eyebrows will look a shade or two darker for the first few days, then lighten within the first week.  To help the healing process after treatment, I recommend keeping thin layers of Aquaphor and SPF 30+ on the brows at all times.  You will need to keep exercise and excessive sweating to a minimum for at least one week. Alpha Hydroxy acid products, retinoids, and any exfoliating treatments (such as microdermabrasion) should be avoided no less than 2 weeks prior to Microfeathering. Chemical/laser peels or Botox treatments should be avoided for no less than 6 weeks prior to Microfeathering.


We do require all clients start by see one of our Nurtured Brow specialists prior, for a consultation and a possible brow cultivation plan. If you have had any previous hair removal, you must first grow back as much of your natural shape as possible.  This is how to achieve the natural and beautiful results for which Microfeathering® is known. 

*Also, if you have had any previous semi- permanent make up on your brows prior, you will need to wait until this has completely faded.  Or ask about our Pigment Removal Service.


The cost for Microfeathering (2 appointments) with Kristie Streicher is $2500 and $1200 with a trained specialist.

Touch-ups therafter are $1200 with Kristie Streicher and $600 with a trained specialist.


We require all clients to have an in-person consultation with a Nurtured Brow™ specialist that provides the Micrfoeathering Service prior to booking the service. We are offering appointemnt at  STRIIIKE studio in Beverly Hills, CA.

We aslo ask you to allow your brows to grow FULLY untouched for 6-8 weeks prior. This means no tweezing, trimming, waxing or threading for 6-8 weeks. When you are ready to book please email info@striiike.com for availability.

The Nurtured Brow® is a process wherein we develop optimal hair cultivation through a series of appointments. 

The service starts with a consultation wherein we discuss your brow history and get a better understanding of where you are in your growth cycle. Next is the tinting process, where a custom-blended proprietary tint is applied to the brow. This is what fills in the brow, adds richness to the lighter hairs, peach fuzz, or grays and gives an overall fuller look. Then on to shaping. Shaping is solely achieved by tweezing and trimming the hair. We then guide you on how to properly fill in your brows and how to keep them looking their best between appointments. Finally, your growth plan will be be discussed so you will have a clear idea on what it will take to achieve your goal brow. Nurtured Brow Appointments are recommended every 6-8 weeks.

**Before booking your first Nurtured Brow Service we ask you to allow your brows to grow FULLY untouched for 6-8 weeks prior. This means no tweezing, trimming, waxing, or threading.

Kristie Streicher
$325 • 30 minutes (Includes tinting)

Nurtured Brow™ Specialist
$120–225 • 30 minutes (Includes tinting).

Our Signature Brow Lift includes tint and can be added to the Nurtured Brow service or can be acheived as a stand alone service. We use a gentle Keratin solution to lift hairs in an upward and outward position creating a fuller, fluffier looking brow. The Brow Lift can last anywhere between 5-8 weeks depending on hair type.

All of our specialists train with Kristie Streicher for a minimum of two years in order to fully understand her Nurtured Brow technique, a unique and unparalleled treatment and philosophy. So irrespective of which specialist you decide to see at STRIIIKE, we know you will be in very capable and talented hands. To see our specialist and their work please visit the STRIIIKE site.


All online orders are final sale. Inquiries into incorrect order fulfillments will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We stand by all of our products and ask that if you have any questions you reach out prior to ordering. info@theksandco.com

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