Explore brow offerings


Explore brow offerings


All in person KS&CO® services take place at STRIIIKE in Beverly Hills, CA.

9278 Civic Center Drive 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Map)
(310) 205-2600

If travel does not permit, services can be booked virtually with Kristie Streicher through Virtual Appointments.


The Nurtured Brow® is a process wherein we develop optimal hair cultivation through a series of appointments. 

Kristie Streicher
$325 • 30 minutes (Includes tinting)

Nurtured Brow® Specialist
$120–225 • 30 minutes (Includes tinting).

*All of our specialists train with Kristie Streicher for a minimum of two years in order to fully understand her Nurtured Brow technique, a unique and unparalleled treatment and philosophy. So irrespective of which specialist you decide to see at STRIIIKE, we know you will be in very capable and talented hands.

**Before booking your first Nurtured Brow Service we ask you to allow your brows to grow FULLY untouched for 6-8 weeks prior. This means no tweezing, trimming, waxing, or threading.


The service starts with a consultation wherein we discuss your brow history and get a better understanding of where you are in your growth cycle. Next is the tinting process, where a custom-blended proprietary tint is applied to the brow. This is what fills in the brow, adds richness to the lighter hairs, peach fuzz, or grays and gives an overall fuller look. Then on to shaping. Shaping is solely achieved by tweezing and trimming the hair. We then guide you on how to properly fill in your brows and how to keep them looking their best between appointments. Finally, your growth plan will be discussed so you will have a clear idea on what it will take to achieve your goal brow.  


Our Brow Lift includes tint and can be added to your Nurtured Brow service or can be done as a stand-alone service. We use a gentle Keratin solution to lift hairs in an upward and outward position creating a fuller, fluffier-looking brow. The Brow Lift can last anywhere between 5-8 weeks depending on hair type.

Brow Lift
$150 • 30 minutes

Add-on Service
$100 • 30 minutes

**You must keep your freshly lifted brows dry and make-up free for 24 hours.**


Kristie - $2,500 for Initial
2 Appointment Process / 90 minutes each. (touch ups are $1200).

Specialist - $1,200
2 Appointment Process / 90 minutes each. (touch ups are $600).

WHAT IS IT?: Microfeathering is Kristie Streicher’s signature form of Microblading. Microfeathering utilizes precise "hair-like" incisions that deposit dye in the top layer of the brow skin (also known as the epidermis). The process is achieved without the use of machines or traditional tattoo guns.  After numbing the area with a topical cream, small incisions are created by hand, using a fine and very precise blade.  Pigment is then deposited into the incisions, resulting in an incredibly natural appearing "eyebrow hair."  

HOW IS IT DIFFERENT? We require all clients start by seeing a Nurtured Brow specialist prior for a consultation. In most cases, a brow growth and cultivation plan will be necessary. This is how we achieve the natural and beautiful results for which Microfeathering® is known. 

CAN ANYONE GET MICROFEATHERING? If you have had any previous semi- permanent make up in the brow area, you will need to wait until it has completely faded.  *Ask about our Pigment Removal Service.

WHAT TO EXPECT? The semi- permanent hair stokes fade gradually over the course of 12-18 months. Touch-ups every 7-9 months are reccomended to keep brows looking fresh and consistent. 

IS THERE DOWNTIME? There is no formal downtime after Microfeathering®. Your newly Microfeathered eyebrows will look a shade or two darker for the first few days, then lighten within the first week.  To help the healing process after treatment, I recommend keeping thin layers of Aquaphor and SPF 30+ on the brows at all times.  You will need to keep exercise and excessive sweating to a minimum for at least one week, or some pigment may fade or be lost. Alpha Hydroxy acid products, retinoids, and any exfoliating treatments (such as microdermabrasion) should be avoided no less than 2 weeks prior to Microfeathering. Chemical/laser peels or Botox treatments should be avoided for no less than 6 weeks prior to Microfeathering.